Lovin' Life

Summer has been amazing for all of us. I feel so much more relaxed now that we aren't always rushing... no more hurry and get up, hurry and get dressed, hurry and eat breakfast, hurry and buckle up so we can take Caleb to school, hurry and lay down for your naps so you will wake up in time to go pick Caleb up, hurry to the van so we aren't late, hurry and finish your homework so we can eat dinner, hurry and finish your bath because it is almost bedtime... I haven't uttered any of those words in almost a month and it has been WONDERFUL. I am a fun mom again!!!

The kids and I have had so much fun just enjoying each other and hanging out together. I took them to the park last week and since one of the seats was still out of our van from vacation, I loaded up their bikes and tricycles to take with us. We also drove through McDonald's for some $1.99 Happy Meals. I read them a chapter from Little House in the Big Woods while they ate, they played while I ate and then I put their helmets on so they could start riding. It was a little challenging helping Caleb while trying to make sure Jackson wasn't trying any daredevil stunts on the playground - he was not about to sit in his stroller! But everyone survived and took a really good nap that afternoon (except Caleb, of course - but he did read quietly for quite some time).

I love summer! I love my kiddos and spending time with them.

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