Our Week In Paradise

We were supposed to be getting our dining and living room floors refinished this summer; instead we used the money we had saved for that and went to the beach for a week. And it was totally worth it!

Here are some pictures from our amazing trip. When can we go back?

Our home for the week!

One of a few pictures with me in them... I spent LOTS of time on the beach - Scott stayed in the room with the kids every day at rest time so I could lay out by the ocean!

Jackson's new favorite place to nap!

The older three decided to use their allowance and buy some silly bands as a souvenir - here they are dividing them up.

Caleb and Ella watching a video on glass blowing.

Here is where I had the best peach ice cream EVER!

Attempting a family photo on the beach
Mima and Papa happened to be there that day, too.

Lounging in the pool...

... and the ocean.

Breakfast at one of Mommy's favorite places!

Caleb playing the bongos during live music by the pool.

Lillian enjoying the music (Ella was alseep in the pool with her Daddy at this point).

Caleb and one of the many friends he made while we were there. That kid is amazing with remembering peoples' names!

Lillian cleaning the mirror for us.

One of several rainbows we saw while we were there.

Father's Day breakfast - later in the day Mima, Papa and Grandaddy joined us for a cookout.

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Brian and Ella said...

what a fun week! it makes me sad that both our families were at the beach at the same time, just different beaches. we have got to do this together someday!!!