Greetings From Gator Country

Caleb found this on a sidewalk by a playground we went to - his initials!

A real see-saw!

La Fiesta - Mommy's favorite!
Jackson's first taste of pure Mexican yumminess. He loved his chicken quesadilla with refried beans and rice.
Coloring together one morning...
Bathtime in the big fun tub!
Lillian helping Uncle Chris cook black beans - which she ate a ton of at dinner!
Our two baby boys!
Ella and Buddy - the kids have really enjoyed having a dog around. They race out of bed every morning and go straight to where he is so they can all pet him and love on him.

Back porch fun...
At the neighborhood pool and playground. Picnicking in the back of Aunt Tricia's car - Mac's yummy burgers and fries.

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Jen said...

Oh, looks like SO MUCH FUN! And La Fiesta....we are in the heart of Mexican food territory, but La Fiesta still tops them all. I miss Gainesville! By the way, I'm not sure I have your current email address and I wanted to "catch up". When you get the time, can you email me at ?? :)