Our Little Graduate

I guess I can't really call him that since they didn't have a graduation ceremony or program! Thankfully his teacher took this picture and sent it home with him today on cd.

Caleb, we are so proud of your accomplishments this school year. I knew you were a smart kid, but I never dreamed you would knock everyone's socks off with your reading skills. It was so fun dropping you off at school in the morning and watching you walk down the hall with your backpack swinging behind you and a huge smile on your face, and even more fun picking you up in the afternoon because it meant I had you back to myself for a few hours :)

I'm so impressed that in the note your teacher sent home for you, she said that she is proud of your honesty this year and that you always told the truth, even when it meant you got into trouble for something. She also was impressed with your "kind heart" and I have to agree. May that quality continue to manifest itself in your life and in our neighborhood.

We love you so much and can't believe you are already a first-grader! Stop growing up so fast!

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japm1944 said...

Way to go! Caleb we are proud of you. Love Mima and Papa.