Hooray for Summer!

The end of school s'mores celebration was a blast - here are all the rugrats right before the fun started. Granted, only a few of them are even in school yet but that's okay!

Uncle Austin did a marvelous job of getting the fire started while we were at Bible Study. By the time everyone got here, it was perfect for roasting marshmallows!

Ella had a little buzz-kill (no pun intended) when she got stung by a bee on the trampoline. Since I was stuck by the firepit trying to keep our daredevil 13 month-old from burning his arm off, Scott whisked her inside to treat it and bandage her up. This was his clever way to keep the bandage on since she got stung really high up on the back of her leg!

Jackson is in awe over the yumminess of his first taste of s'mores!

Finally, mom got in a picture (don't you love my silly bandz - one of them even glows in the dark!) :)

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