In Other News...

We have a cucumber and some beans in the garden!!! Still waiting on squash, tomatoes, broccoli and some wildflowers to show up. But at least there is something!

Scott brought these home for me on Friday. I hate red roses (and he knows it) but these are gorgeous! I always got these from him when I had a baby so I guess from now on I will have to get them "just because". :)

Jackson and Lillian got to go on their first bike rides with Mom last night. I used to love doing this with Caleb when he was about Jackson's age. Then my bike got lost in the eternal abyss of our shed until last weekend. Poor Ella never got a chance to do this - she is too big for the seat now.

This sweet little man lost a front tooth today! More accurately, he got hit in the face with a swing and made the tooth even more loose than it was, then when he was eating the popsicle I gave him to make him feel better, the tooth came out. (Side note, he also got sent to the principal's office last week... with only four days of school left... in Kindergarten. Lord help us!)

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