Princess Optimus

Here is a sampling of life with boys and girls... guess it's better than the boys trying on princess costumes. Ella has decided that she no longer likes pink and purple so I guess it is only natural for her to want to wear superhero costumes. I had planned to sign her up for gymnastics soon, maybe we better try karate or football instead!

A couple of other cute things about Ella from the last few days... Saturday in the van she informed us that when she grows up she "wants to be a germ and make people sneeze"... Then Tuesday morning she came out to the dining room and told us that she had made our bed for us... all on her own, without anyone asking her to. So sweet!

Then there's this little stinker...

who has, in the last couple of days, scribbled with dry-erase marker (that they use to check off their chore charts) all over Ella's new bedspread and her own bed sheet, and then today decided to stick a jingle bell up her nose. None of the other kids have ever done that kind of stuff... I guess she is gonna be the one that gives us a hard time!

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Brian and Ella said...

hilarious! i love my little nieces!!! :)