Happy St. Patrick's Day

Sorry, Uncle Austin... I couldn't resist! :)

Another holiday with fun traditions! The kids got their goodie box from Grandma and Grandpa on Saturday, including some really fun glasses made by Grandma. We had our corned beef dinner last night because we have a neighborhood Bible Study tonight and they will feed us dinner there. Caleb saw a picture in a magazine of the fruit platter and wanted to make one like it - the bananas are supposed to be the pot o' gold. Too cute! Wish I could take credit for the idea.

I promised Caleb weeks ago that I would make him green scrambled eggs and shamrock toast on the 17th so I had to follow through, even when Scott told me a couple of days ago he had to leave early and I would be on my own to dress and feed the kiddos and get CB to school. Usually that wouldn't be a problem since the kids are up by 7, but they have been sleeping in a little since the time change. Somehow we managed to get it all done, although Ella wanted NO part of those green eggs (and I can't say I blame her - they don't look very appetizing!).

Time to take out the Easter decorations!


Brian and Ella said...

love, love, love the fruit rainbow, and i immediately recognized the banana pot of gold! too cute! and i love the marshmellow cloud!!! thanks for the great idea!!!

Charles and Heidi said...

Can we come next year for St. Pat's day? What fun!