Happy Valentine's Day!

Our free Valentine Cards from seehere.com (Caleb signed his to take to school for his classmates and we taped a fruit roll-up to each one)...

Ella with one of our neighbors at our playgroup Valentine party on Thursday:
Lillian decorating cookies at the same party:

Ella and Caleb at Lowes with Daddy making Mommy a special Valentine jewelry hanger:
Caleb, Ella and Lillian opening goodies from Grandma and Grandpa:
Caleb and Lillian made me a fruit salad for breakfast this morning, after giving me a beautiful pair of pearl earrings that "the kids" bought me (Scott and I weren't planning on getting each other anything - isn't he sneaky).
Ella's sweet card for me:
My sweet little Valentines (Jackson was taking his morning nap) before church this morning:

Opening cards and goodies from Granmommy and Grandaddy:

Our Valentine Dinner - pink heart-shaped french toast made out of homemade cinnamon bread with fruit and bacon (we have breakfast for dinner every Sunday).
And, quite possibly the best part of the day - Griffins syrup for the french toast!!!! (Thanks, Charles and Heidi!)

Hope everyone had a love-filled day today!

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Charles and Heidi said...

Happy Valentine's Day!! Glad we could play a small part in the day!!