10 months, really?

I feel like Jack Mac got slighted in the last post so here are some pictures exclusively relating to him... lots of which include food. We love food in our family, can you tell?

1/29/10: Jackson's first big boy meal - shepherd's pie, garlic cheese biscuits and yogurt. He ate it up like a champ and was mad when it was all gone!

2/1/10: His first kid's meal at Moe's - a cheese quesadilla (which, I might add, he ate ALL of - no sharing meals for this little porker!) :) I used his drink cup and the grown-ups split the cookie but he didn't know any different... he was too busy stuffing his face!

One of my favorite things - my awesome sink from IKEA and bathing my babies in it. One of our best purchases when we re-did our house and well worth the trip all the way to Atlanta to get it (our IKEA in Tampa wasn't open then so I had a girl's weekend with a couple of my neighbors who were wanting things from there). It is just the right size for bathing chunky monkeys - this is something I think Jackson and I both look forward to (almost) everyday. So much easier than bathing a squirmy baby in a bathtub.

1/10/10 - First Happy Meal, Grandaddy's treat!! He didn't dig the fries (is he really mine?) but he loved the chicken. Can you tell he's the 4th - Caleb didn't get a Happy Meal until he was well over a year old!

I can't believe this little guy will be 10 months old tomorrow... Where has my baby gone?

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Brian and Ella said...

Jackson, you and Jake are like two peas in a pod when it comes to eating!! happy 10 months, little man! we love you!!