Belated Halloween Pictures

Halloween was a little abbreviated this year due to the Florida/Georgia game being on into the evening. We did trick or treat some after the game was over and the kids got plenty of candy. After that we went to our neighbors' house and hung out for a little while so all of our kids could play and burn off some sugar!

We had some last minute costume changes - Lillian decided to be Jesse instead of a ballerina; Ella picked out a "good witch" costume we had gotten last year on super clearance because the kitty cat costume she was going to wear was too hot; Jackson wore an elephant costume that we have and I have no idea where it came from; Caleb decided to be Darth Vader instead of Spiderman. It was fun seeing Lillian in Ella's old costume.

I, as usual, have been devouring their chocolate candy. I really have no will power when it comes to chocolate. I liked it better last October when I was pregnant and had an excuse to eat more! :)

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