It's About Time!

I haven't posted anything about Jackson in forever so I guess it is time for an update! I have just been trying to take in every possible moment I can with him since it seems like he is growing SOO fast.

He is such a snuggly baby. When I pick him up he will grab my face with both hands and just bury me with slobbery, open-mouthed kisses. He also will put his arms on either side of my neck and squeeze as hard as he can. He is definitely a Momma's boy - anytime he sees me walk by or hears my voice when someone else is holding him he will start to have a little fit if I don't pick him up. He is definitely not as laid-back as the girls were, but even though it is sometimes hard having a fussy baby, I secretly like the fact that I *have* to hold him so much (wink, wink). He is, for the most part, a happy baby and very social. I really just think his bouts of fussiness have been related to teething, fever and cold a few weeks ago and being tired or hungry.

He is eating cereal and baby food like a champ - he loves being a big boy and sitting in the high chair with us at mealtime. I had hoped to be able to make his baby food like I did with the others, but for now I have decided to let go of that notion. It will be okay for him to eat baby food from a jar, it doesn't make me a horrible mother and there is nothing wrong with it (do I sound like I am still trying to convince myself?). Besides, as hefty of an eater as he is and as early as he has been cutting teeth, I imagine I will have him on table food earlier that the others. I might change my mind when I see the impact it has on my grocery bill - it certainly is cheaper to make it myself.

He has been sitting up on his own for almost 3 weeks now. It's amazing how much they "grow up" by reaching that milestone. He shouldn't be sitting on a blanket playing with toys already - I just had him! I took him for his 6-month pictures a couple of weeks ago and he decided to pull himself up when he was sitting in a washtub (for our traditional 6-month bathtub picture), took a head-dive out and face planted on the flood of the studio. It happened so fast - I was standing RIGHT next to him and couldn't catch him in time. We still managed to squeak out a couple of cute shots, but his nose is red in all of them! He loves drinking from a cup and on the rare occasion that he gets a bottle, he will hold it and feed himself.

I love this little chunky monkey so much!

Helping Daddy carve the pumpkin

Sitting up like a big boy

Learning about Mommy's unhealthy addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper

First time eating cereal

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Just Robin said...

Oh, he is sooo cute!

I want a picture of 'Mommy'. :)