Random Updates and Some Pictures

My friend/neighbor Christina (who works for Parker Street) asked me if I would be interested in teaching a cooking class at summer camp with the middle-school girls. I, of course, was thrilled to do it - even when they told me that the stove leaked gas and the oven wasn't working... oh the joys of not having your own ministry building. Anyway, one of the things I decided to do was make pancakes since we could use a griddle. We used a squeeze bottle and I let the girls make their batter into whatever shape or letter they wanted and then we sprinkled chocolate chips in the batter while it was cooking. It was so much fun that I decided to do it with my kids this morning. A little more hands-on since my children are nowhere near middle school, but still lots of fun.
Caleb wanted to make a square pancake

I helped Lillian make letters to spell her name - aren't they lovely :)

Ella making her heart-shaped pancake

Breakfast of Champions

You might be wondering where Jackson was during all this activity... he was in bed, sleeping away until like 10 this morning! I couldn't believe it. He will have to watch next time!

7/29 - Jackson's first time in his crib! I didn't realize it but the bumper really isn't cute at all on the inside - it is a sports-themed set and is a lot cuter from the outside! Caleb is thrilled to finally have his baby brother in the room with him and it doesn't seem to be disrupting Caleb at night (Jackson is still waking up for one early-morning feeding around 3 AM). The only time it seems to be a problem is when Jackson is napping during the day and Caleb can't play with his toys. However, he will be starting Kindergarten soon (boo-hoo) so it shouldn't be an issue for long.
Momma hanging with her boys before bedtime one night

I am soaking up every minute I can with CB before he leaves me to go to school! He is loving summer camp and would go every day if I would let him, but I am selfish and want some time to myself with him! I miss being able to nap in the afternoon, but it has been really fun hanging out with him while the girls are napping. Most days he helps me with dinner and several times a week we work on a Kindergarten readiness activity book together. We read lots; often he is the one reading the books these days. He also loves to build with his Legos (I am no good at that) and we do "big-boy" puzzles together.

I have struggled this summer with feeling guilty about not taking them places like the splash park, library, free movies, etc. We have done some stuff but it is just really difficult with 4 by myself out places, mainly because Jackson is still so young. So I have been trying to make our time at home fun and meaningful to make up for the fact that we aren't on the go as much as we used to be. Ella still asks me EVERY morning, "Momma, what do we have today?" Once Bible Study and Playgroup start up again in the fall I think I will be more willing to venture out... at least there will be other people to help me wherever we are going! Little ones learn quick that Mom is slower to respond to misbehavior when she is in the middle of nursing a little one and man do they take advantage of it!

Lillian, Ella and Madisyn (and two baby dolls) having tea together

I rearranged furniture in the girls' room (AGAIN). I also set up this little table for the tea set that Grandma and Grandpa gave Ella for Christmas. They are loving it - especially Lillian. We have had more tea parties here in the last few weeks than ever before. The table is actually the top half of an end table that I separated and it is the perfect height now. The tables belonged to my grandmother and I knew that even though I didn't have a spot for both of them in the living room with the furniture we have, I wasn't going to get rid of the one we weren't using! So I am glad it is being put to use now.

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