Some of My Favorites

Here are some of my favorites from the wedding photos I took this past weekend. I wanted to do some shots outside but unfortunately it was raining and hailing early that morning and the weather never really improved. So we had to do all the boring (but necessary) group shots inside without all the beautiful natural light we could have had outside.
Bride-to-be arriving at the rehearsal dinner
He sure is happy to see his future wife!
Wedding Day
This next photo was one of the most touching moments of the day - right before the ceremony, the bridesmaids all laid hands on the bride and prayed for her and her husband-to-be.
My daughter Ella just adores "Miss Brit-tin-ee" - here they are at the reception together.
Travis and Brittany, if you ever come across this blog for some reason, we love you guys and miss having you in our hood! May God bless your new life together.
Aren't they a gorgeous couple? :)

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