Our Little Chunky Monkey

All smiles, courtesy of some funny faces by Uncle Austin!

"Mommy, what is that strange black contraption that you are constantly pointing at me?"

Here are some recent pics of Jackson. He got called a girl like three times yesterday in this outfit. We live in the south, people - I thought it was acceptable (and common) for boys to wear smocking, especially BLUE, but I guess I was wrong!

I really can't believe my baby boy is almost 3 months old already. I can't believe how big he is, either... Good thing he is a boy and won't be offended later in life that his baby nickname was also an ice cream flavor :)

He is such a sweet baby - occasionally fussy but never for very long. He loves his brother and sisters and enjoys being outside. He is quite a snuggler already - when you hold him with his head on your shoulder he will find just the perfect spot to lay, as close to your head and neck as possible. He loves to be sung to and likes me to put my cheek up against his cheek when I am singing to him. He is insanely ticklish on his collarbone and laughs when we do "This Little Piggy" and "Patty Cake".

He is so strong already, supporting weight on his legs and holding himself upright when you place him in a sitting position on your lap or on the ground playing. He really likes being in the Johnny Jump-Up... we aren't able to use it at our house because the trim on our doorways is too wide, but it works at Grandaddy's house. I know he will like it even more when we can put some snacks on the tray for him! He is swatting at hanging toys on his play gym and doesn't mind me giving him kisses CONSTANTLY all day long.

Lillian just loves to hold him - anytime I have him in my lap on the couch she will run over and say "Him-im" (hold him) and climb up next to me so I can put him in her lap. She will rub his head, sing him the Barney song (complete with a hug and kiss) and then promptly say "all done" and push him back toward me.


Brian and Ella said...

just move to Montgomery...he'll fit right in! he could even wear a day gown!! :)...although that would never happen in this household! Brian won't even allow the boys to wear smocking..a little bubble outfit is as close as i can get! :)

I think jackson looks adorable, and for goodness sakes, it's BLUE!!!

Just Robin said...

What's a smocking? :) He is a cuttie. What is the baby name that is after ice cream?

My little girl is 4 months and I also am kissing her all day long. The others seem jeolous, but when I offer them kisses alls I get is "noooo!!!" and they run off (unless of course it is bed time and they do not want to go).