On This Day...

... a long, long, long time ago :) this man was born.

Daddy and me

Grandaddy and Caleb (almost 2) - August 2005

Grandaddy and Ella (almost 3) - June 2008

Grandaddy and Lillian (almost 2) - July 2009

Grandaddy and Jackson (July 2009)

Happy Birthday Grandaddy - we are celebrating you on your special day and we love you so much!

Your grandbabies look forward to many more lawnmower rides with their Grandaddy and we are all thrilled to be with you on your birthday this year! Thanks for sacrificing your free birthday meals (especially at Texas Cattle Company) at home to go on vacation with us.

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foxygranny said...

This was so sweet. You are a special daughter. So thoughtful and loving.