Avoiding the Florida Summer Heat

I am not a big fan of the current heat wave we are experiencing, and since we don't have a pool or baby pool I am desperately trying not to be outside any more than we have to. Jackson was up quite a bit last night so I don't really have the energy to load and unload everyone for us to go anywhere. It's Friday and we have colored, flash-carded, read, painted and crafted to our heart's content this week so I guess all that is left for today is a little bit of dress-up. Aren't they cute?! I'm afraid we may end up at the ER if Lillian keeps trying to walk in the princess shoes.

Caleb asked me if the costume he has on has a 6-pack belly. I am sad that my 5 year-old even knows what that is and even more puzzled at how he found it out. All he hears in our house is his Daddy talking about his 1-pack abs :)

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