Why silence is never a good thing in our home

I should have known something was up - Wednesday night Caleb and Ella were playing together in his room but I hadn't heard a peep out of Lillian for quite some time. I kept thinking MAYBE she was playing with them, even though I knew deep down she wasn't... so I began the 5-minute process of prying myself off the couch (who knew a big belly could slow you down so much) and made my rounds through the house to find her since she was making literally NO noise at all.

She wasn't sitting on the coffee table; wasn't eating sugar out of the sugar bowl on the dining room table; wasn't playing in the toilet; wasn't trying to climb on Caleb's top bunk; wasn't standing up on the very small side table by her crib; wasn't in the laundry room eating chalk from the art easel. Here is where I found my dear, sweet, innocent 17 month-old:

She had climbed onto the kitchen counter and was eating conversation hearts (along with the dried glue under them) from her brother's school craft. Luckily my camera was close by so I got to snap a quick picture.

I guess she had to outdo the night before when she climbed onto the buffet table in the dining room and helped herself to a Hershey's kiss from the bowl of Valentine candy - at least she unwrapped it first!

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Brian and Ella said...

that is hilarious!!! Lillian is just too cute!