Tax day is quickly approaching...

... but for us, it will mean something completely different this year. Yes, that is when we will finally get to meet the newest little member of our family!

I can't believe I am having a baby in less than 10 weeks... give or take a few days, since all my others have been late. This pregnancy really has flown by, but has been incredibly enjoyable and easy (much like the other three). The kids are excited, the rooms are arranged, and minus some new Gator crib bedding we are hoping to get, we are ready for our little man to join us! Caleb can't wait for his little brother to be in the room with him, though we keep telling him it will be a while even after the baby is born until that happens. We will also have to transition Lillian into a big girl bed so we can have the crib for the new baby.

I had a doctor's appointment last week and everything is normal... belly is measuring right on, blood pressure is low, I actually lost a few pounds since the last visit, and the baby's heartbeat sounded really strong. Here is a picture of me from last night... I wasn't planning to have my picture taken so I am not wearing make-up, but we hadn't taken one since 22 weeks so it was time! We are leaning toward Jackson for a name... I still really like Noah but Scott is liking it less and less since it has been in our name pool since Caleb was born.

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