Our Christmas Tree

I realized today that I hadn't posted any pics of us decorating the tree, so here they are!

We went against MacDonald family tradition last year and bought a FAKE (gasp!) pre-lit tree on clearance. I love love love it, mainly because it is strung with all white lights, but more because I don't have to vacuum pine needles everyday. Most importantly, I love the tradition of decorating the tree together as a family while we listen to Christmas carols and drink hot chocolate. Even better now, we can do it earlier in the year (this year it was the day after Thanksgiving) because we don't have to worry about the tree dying before Christmas gets here!

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Brian and Ella said...

the tree looks beautiful! ...especially in front of your red walls! as you know, i'm a bit jealous! :) (but you have given me hope, seeing that you all broke the tradition first and your last name is still MacDonald!).

we got your card today...i love it! and i love that you included baby #4 as well!!