Why I Love Harrell's

Scott works for a great company. He is surrounded by amazing co-workers and his office is very family-friendly. More importantly, he gets a paycheck every two weeks so we can pay our bills. However, I think my favorite thing about Harrell's (especially during strawberry season) is the fact that they provide the fertilizer for these amazing strawberries:

Let me introduce you to quite possibly the best strawberry shortcake in the world. You can get it at a place called Parkesdale Farms in Plant City, only about 20 minutes from here. They have strawberry milkshakes available year-round but between the months of November and April you can get homemade strawberry shortcake! They have a ton of options - sugar-free, no shortcake, with ice cream, etc... I, however, am a shortcake purist and I like it the traditional way.

This was my order today - for less than $3 you too can have this huge bowl of yummy goodness. I would love to say that I shared this with someone, but no such luck (unless you count Baby M #4). I would love even more to say that I couldn't finish it because it was just too much for one person but nope, not me. I ate the whole thing all by myself. YUM. I can't believe I am hungry again already.

Here are some more pictures from our outing. And just so you know, we did feed the kids lunch first! They ate sandwiches in the car on the way to Parkesdale.

Caleb and Ella with their milkshakes

Caleb with both milkshakes

Our strawberry royalty


Brian and Ella said...

oh yum!!! i think i could have eaten the whole thing by myself, too!

i love that picture of caleb drinking both milkshakes...too cute!!

we are excited about seeing you next weekend!!

JerseyGirl said...

One of the first things I was introduced to when I moved to this area was Parkedale's strawberry shortcake...It's become an annual pilgrimage...Once a year we head over there for our treat...And standing in the always-long lines we always meet interesting people from all over the world...Great place