17 and Counting...

I finally had a doctor's appointment yesterday. For some reason I had not been for like six weeks so I was ready to hear the baby's heartbeat and make sure things were progressing. I really don't feel pregnant AT ALL and I feel like I am constantly having to remind myself! I definitely miss the days of focusing ONLY on my pregnancy because I didn't have to worry about taking care of three other blessings! :)

Caleb got to bring Moe the monkey home from school yesterday so we loaded him into the car when it was time to leave for my appointment. I have been taking Caleb to all of my appointments so we can spend some time together. The girls are usually home napping so it works out perfectly. Strangely enough, he really enjoys going and loves seeing my doctor so it is a treat for him. Plus on the days Scott is able to meet us there, he gets to see his Daddy for a little while.

The baby's heart rate was in the 160's and I measured right on at 17 cm (I am 17 weeks and 1 day). Since my eating has gotten totally out of control the last few weeks I was a bit concerned about weight gain, but so far in the pregnancy I have gained five pounds or less. Caleb asked me in front of the nurse if I was still on a diet and I had to laugh... You would think I would know better than to be pregnant during Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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