...and the 5th

On Saturday we borrowed one of the ministry vans and piled everyone in to go feed the ducks. Along with our family was my nephew Jullian, my nieces DeShay and Terani, and the Allen kids. We had a HUGE amount of bread that was gone in no time (as always) but everyone enjoyed themselves and no one fell in the lake, which is always a good thing. After that, we played at Barnett Bark and Scott took the older girls to see Hollis Gardens. We had lunch at CiCi's and then took all the younger kids home for much needed naps.

Feeding the ducks on Lake Morton

DeShay and Terani in Hollis Gardens

Later that afternoon, Grandaddy and Granmommy joined us and we headed to Clearwater Beach to play and watch the sunset. They had been house hunting that day, so they missed the earlier festivities. The kids had an absolute blast in the sand and surf. It made me think of all the summers whenI spent hours and hours on the beach back home in Daytona. I never thought I would say this, but it is even more fun watching my own children. Scott and I joked later that it was a $50 sunset because of the cost of gas in the 15 passenger van, but the experience was priceless. We miss you Granmommy, DeShay, Terani and Jullian - come back soon!

Grandaddy, Granmommy and Lillian

Jullian and Caleb building a sandcastle "this high"

The ever-elusive picture of me - for once I am not behind the camera

Ella collecting seashells

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