Five Little Trick or Treaters

Halloween and Christmas are definitely the most fun holidays when there are kids in your family.  In keeping with the usual tradition, I told the kids they had to use costumes we already had, so here is what they decided:

Caleb is a hobo (Will Work for Candy); Noah is wearing a cute costume from Mima, a dragon or dinosaur; Jackson is wearing the Woody costume that has been around since Caleb was 4; Lillian is wearing a kitty cat costume that my Mom sewed for me when I was a little girl (which Ella also wore a few years ago), and Ella made up a fairy princess costume using a flower girl dress and other various things from their costume trunk. We started the night trick-or-treating at a friend's house from church, then headed to see Uncle Austin and his mom.  She always has fun treats for the kids.  After that we headed to Trunk or Treat at the church where Lillian's preschool is, then to our neighbor's house to hang out with our friends from the neighborhood.   Luckily the kids didn't get a ton of chocolate so I am not tempted to sneak a piece here and there. :)

 Lillian and her teacher

 First time trick-or-treating not in the stroller

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christy said...

I love Grandaddy's hat!!!