Wingfest 2012

We love wings and so do our neighbors, so we decided collectively that we needed to make a big ole' batch once football season started.  Scott and I agreed to host a party at our house during an away Gator game, and the first one happened to be today.  We have a "hospitality" category in our budget (which is a good thing since I seem to be over my grocery budget all the time these days), so we saved up for a couple of pay periods so we could buy a TON of wings to cook up for everyone.  Some were hot and some were garlic parmesan.  People brought other snacks and sides, and some nuggets/chicken strips for all the kids.  We had a great time eating good food and watching the Gators win on our new television. There were only a few wings left at the end of the night!

Chef Grandaddy

 Del Monte, Scott's favorite ketchup :)

Frisbee with Uncle Mark and Madisyn

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