The Big Room Reveal

Our bedroom is finally all put together after the ceiling collapsed a couple of weeks ago.  After about a week we were both ready to have our bed back.  We had been switching off between the sofa bed, couches and kids' beds.  I was tired and cranky, not to mention my neck and back were KILLING me from sleeping in all those weird places.  

We had a ton of help from our neighbors with putting up the new ceiling, crown molding and shoe molding, and it got to a point where all that was left to do was repaint the walls (not a necessity but something we figured we may as well do while the room was completely empty).  I attempted to paint some during the week last week but got only part of one wall done, so our plan was to cram it all in last weekend between three soccer games, a wedding party, date night and a baseball game on Sunday.  Imagine our surprise when we came home from soccer to find that our dear friends (and neighbors) Tim and Christy had been at our house that morning painting our bedroom for us!  We are so blessed to be where we are and live in community with such amazing people.  We got the furniture set back up on Sunday evening and then I tweaked it some while Scott was at work Monday :)  Here is the finished product:

We moved our bed from in front of the double window to the wall with no windows.  I never really liked where the bed was before so I am thrilled to have it somewhere different.

 Looking in from the hallway

 Looking from the wall where the bed used to be

We moved the dresser and mirror into the small area next to our room where Noah sleeps.  Someday we hope to add a second bathroom there but it won't be anytime soon, so for now there is a dresser in there instead.  Caleb's old yellow and white armoire (the first piece of furniture we ever bought) that has Noah's clothes and cloth diapers in it is now in the boys' bedroom, where he will move eventually.  We also moved a nightstand into the living room as a side table.  We weren't using it as a nightstand in our room anyway, so having only one will work for us.  

I love how open our room is now.  It feels so peaceful and serene to me (until I wake up with 3 kids in bed with us at night)!  The ceiling falling in was a huge inconvenience, not to mention an expense we weren't excited about, but I am thrilled with what came out of it...  not to mention humbled and grateful for all the people who made it happen for us.  God is good!

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Ella said...

Love the new arrangement! It looks beautiful!!!