"The-Hurricane-That-Wasn't" Day

Polk County schools were closed today due to the threat of Isaac, so my kids got a surprise day off their second week of school!  I do think the school officials overreacted by closing everything, but I appreciate them wanting to keep everyone safe and I was thrilled to have my kiddos home for the day!

Caleb ended up spending last night at Mima and Papa's house, but the rest of us made plans to hang out with our neighbors this morning so the moms could drink coffee and the kids could play.  I decided to make monkey bread (I used whole wheat biscuits, does that make it any less naughty?) and had lots of help in the kitchen this morning while I was making it!  The kids played all morning and had about five rounds of monkey bread while the moms got to chit-chat and watch HGTV and Food Network - what a life!  Around noontime Grandaddy and Granmommy came over (she was in town for a short visit) and not long after that, Mima and Madisyn arrived with Caleb.  We played some games and I took advantage of a little bit of down time to get a project taken care of that needed to be finished.  It rained off and on pretty much all day, but no one seemed to care that we were stuck inside all day.

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