A Thrilling Tuesday

We spent the morning at the park today with some friends from the neighborhood.  Jackson rode around on a bike that used to belong to Caleb, and Lillian got to try out her new Pinkalicious skateboard (which she purchased last night with her very own money and a little pitched in by Daddy).

We arrived to a spotless home after our day playing because my saint of a husband is paying a girl to come clean for me once a month.  I can see how people get spoiled and have someone come more often!  I bathed everyone and put the youngest two down for a nap, and then when the older kids got home they made sculptures with mini marshmallows and toothpicks.  

When Scott gets home we are going out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse, our new favorite place!  Going out to eat is a rare treat for all of us, so I am very excited!  Tuesday is Kids Night there and they have $1.99 kids' meals, along with early bird specials for the grown-ups.  I went there with all the kids the last time Scott was out of town and since our kids still share kids' meals, we all ate for $15!

After dinner we will go downtown for fireworks and hopefully the younger kids won't be scared of them.  They did really well last year.  I think they will all sleep really well tonight!

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Ella said...

1. i love the marshmallow/toothpick idea! definitely going to have to do that with my boys!
2. i'm trying not to be jealous of your once a month house cleaning treat! :)
3. i'm so excited y'all get to do a cruise next year for your anniversary!! so fun!!!
4. i need to find out about our texas roadhouse kids night...i think it's thursday nights but we've never tried to go. now i'm craving their rolls....