How We Roll...

Scott is out of town again, this time for the whole week.  I have a very strict no-cooking rule when he is gone...  my kids eat a bunch of convenience foods that I would never dream of feeding them for dinner when we are eating as a family.  Tonight they ate frozen pizza and corn chips on the way to the airport to drop him off.  So when all of those cooking utensils are not being put to good use for cooking, why not find another purpose for them?  Tonight there were some deafening sounds coming from my kitchen.  I sure wish I knew how to post a video on here  - it was so amusing and entertaining to watch them all.  Noah was not afraid to push his way right into the middle of the action.  They must have played for about 30 minutes until I had to stop them because they were breaking my kitchen utensils (that, and it was almost an hour past their bedtime).  I love my crazy kids so much, and the fact that they are entertained so long making music with random kitchen items just makes me smile!

 This type of meal will be the extent of my culinary skills this week - does the fact that they are turkey dogs make it just a little bit more acceptable? :)

 Making music

The aftermath

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