Enjoying Summer Break

It has been very strange with only three kids at home during the day this summer!  Caleb and Ella are really enjoying their time at the neighborhood summer camp, and I am thrilled that they are getting their little brains exercised by someone other than me!  Jackson and Lillian have been so cute playing together and with Noah.  We have been home more than usual lately...  the heat is ridiculous and I have been catching up on some things around the house that seemed to get ignored while we were in the throes of homeschooling.  I can say for sure I will never school year-round - it is nice to have some breathing room for a couple of months and feel sort of caught up, even if it is just for a little while!  I am enjoying our lazy mornings and getting to just play and hang out together.

I finally weaned Noah a couple of weeks ago - all the others were weaned by their 1st birthday but I don't think either of us were ready this time!  I am still sad that we are done, but he is finally sleeping solidly through the night every night.  Yes, I know this should have been happening months ago, but I didn't discourage him from waking up anytime he wanted to because it gave me an excuse to hold and snuggle him with no interruptions, even if it was in the wee hours of the morning!  The only benefit to stopping is that I may finally drop a few pounds now - I am not one of those women who get really skinny when they nurse.  It has the opposite effect on me!

Probably one of the most exciting things going on for us right now is a cruise we have booked for our 10th anniversary next year!  I am beyond elated!  We have never gone anywhere to celebrate our anniversary (unless you count the trip with Noah this year) so I think it is time!  We are doing a 7-day Western Caribbean Carnival cruise (with no kids) and are actually going with 3 other couples who are friends or neighbors.  We have 2 sets of adjoining rooms right across the hall from each other.  I am mildly anxious about leaving the kids for so long - hopefully we will be so busy that it won't get to me.  I guess when you aren't growing or nursing a babe you get to do fun stuff like a cruise...  not sure if it is an even trade-off (at least not for me), but I will definitely enjoy a week away with my husband nonetheless!

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