Teacher Appreciation Day

Never did I think I would be on the receiving end of Teacher Appreciation Day gifts!  I can say for sure it will never be for teaching anyone other than my own kids!  

Scott surprised me with a card and gerber daisy bouquet on Tuesday.  He snuck it in the house while we were gone to P.E.  Inside the card was a gift card to Carrabba's, which we ended up using that night for dinner.  We hardly ever eat out so it was a treat for everyone.  I think Noah may have eaten more than any of the other kids!  They were all great and we had such a fun time together.  Not to mention the delicious food; I just love Carrabba's!  I even splurged and had a peach sangria, which I never do.  Gotta love Happy Hour!

I feel so blessed to be not only my kids' Momma but also their teacher, and so thankful for a husband who encourages and appreciates me in both roles.  I love my family!

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