P.E. Water Day!

Today was our last day of P.E.  There is an awards lunch picnic next week, but for the last "play" day the kids got to do all kinds of fun water games.  There were several stations set up, and all the classes rotated through each of the stations.  

Our day started rather miserably when I had to fill the thirty water balloons that my kids were supposed to bring with them and I realized I should have bought the special attachment for the hose.  I may or may not have sent my kids out of the kitchen for fear of blurting out a word they probably shouldn't hear.  I FINALLY got the balloons all filled and texted Scott that the person who thought of water balloons must not have any children, and we loaded up (late as usual) to head to the park.  We finished the fun with some cheap Happy Meals from McDonald's and called it a morning.

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japm1944 said...

Cute pics. love Mima