More House Stuff...

We were given an antique pie safe by Austin's mom - I love, love, love it!  My original thought was to put it in my kitchen but it was too tall for the spot where I wanted it, so we had to come up with a Plan B.  We ended up putting it in the bathroom where an old hutch of my grandmother's has been and it looks perfect in that spot!  

I definitely want to keep the hutch since it belonged to my Grammy, so we separated it and put the bottom half in our kitchen where I had wanted to put the pie safe.  We are trying to figure out something fun to do with the top half.  Ideas, anyone?  :)  

In other house-related news, I got my first tomato out of the garden today.  It was enormous and so delicious - I sliced it up with some salt and pepper on it and ate almost the whole thing at dinner last night.  Scott put the beer bottle cap next to it to get an idea of the size.  We are also getting lots of peppers.  I am waiting patiently for some beans, squash, zucchini and cucumbers.

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