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Wanted to post a few pics of random little "projects" I have been working on inside our house (if you can even call them that)... still a work in progress!!

The wall above our fireplace - I framed Noah's 7.5 month picture and added it to the gallery and we put a picture of Scott and I together in the open "girl" spot (I won't say what my husband would expect me to say here).  I bought a Groupon for the picture up top - it is our last name spelled out in photos of various architectural elements.  I had been wanting one for a really long time and I am so pleased with how it turned out.

Bathtub pics - I had these done when the kids were 6 months old.  I only had four matching frames originally and they had a mat in them that I couldn't find anymore, so I had to come up with something different so we could add Noah's picture.  I bought a fifth frame and got several sheets of coordinating scrapbook paper that matched our bathroom.  I mounted each picture on a sheet of scrapbook paper and stuck it back in the frame.  Due to various accidents and frames getting broken, there are now three styles of frames - the two in the top row match, the two in the bottom row match, and the one in the middle is different. 
Laundry room - this is the ONLY shelving/storage we have in our laundry room (unless you count the windowsills or top of the water heater - ha!).  Since it is out in the open I was searching for a way to make it look prettier instead of a bunch of boxes and bottles of laundry supplies.  Dreft and Oxi-Clean at the top, dryer sheets and Gain on the first shelf.  Still figuring out what to do with the stuff at the bottom, but at least it looks better hanging on the hooks than piled on the shelves.  I also want to put some kind of pretty labels on the containers.

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Ella said...

love it all! so glad you posted pics...the wall above the mantle looks great!