Long Overdue, Part 4


 Explorations V

 Caleb "teaching" his class at the museum
 Lake Bonny Park - we were there for playgroup and there happened to be a baseball tournament going on.  The boys loved watching them play and Caleb caught a stray ball.

 Girl's day with my neighbor friends - World Market (my first time) and Whole Foods in Orlando
 Spraying the fire hose at the Bartow Fire Department (Ella wasn't feeling well that day so she hung out with Mima at her house)

 This can't be safe!
 She was asleep right before I snapped the picture.
 Ella's first lost tooth!
 Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Papa made us some leprachaun lemonade.
 Shamrock pudding

 Corned beef and all the fixin's
Noah's first St. Patrick's day - Scott picked out and bought shirts for all the kids!

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YEA!!!! Trisha for getting back on the blog. Mima