Sunday was my 36th birthday.  I feel like that is really old!  I couldn't decide which of my free birthday offers to use from all the various restaurants, so I tried to think of the cheapest way to take advantage of the most I could.  I started off with breakfast at Mimi's with Austin, then church with my family.  After that we had lunch at Carrabba's with friends, family and neighbors.

Scott surprised me when we got home with birthday pie.  I am not a big cake person, so he asked a girl at work if her husband (who is an amazing cook) would make me an apple and chocolate pecan pie.  He happily obliged and let me tell you, they were amazing!  I had some of each.  After that I had a relaxing afternoon at home and even snuck in a short nap, which I NEVER EVER do because I always feel like I will get too far behind.

Sunday is our regular date night so it worked out well for us to go out to dinner since we already had a sitter lined up.  My original plan was to go get my free steak at Texas Cattle Company, but at about 5 PM I changed my mind.  I was so full already and it is expensive to eat there, even with the free meal.  We ended up meeting some friends from church at the new Texas Roadhouse, where I used my free appetizer coupon for some amazing potato skins and we split a steak dinner.  They cooked the steak perfectly and their rolls are so yummy!

My kids got me a gift card for a manicure and pedicure and Scott is arranging to get some plants for us to landscape our front yard as a birthday gift to me (it's what I asked for).  I joked with him that since my birthday fell on a Sunday, he owed me a morning to sleep in!  :)  It was a fun, relaxing, delicious, perfect day!  So much to celebrate...

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Ella said...

happy, happy birthday!! so glad it was such a special day...and i love the fact that you did not have to make a meal for yourself or anyone all day long! that's the best gift right there! :)