Gatorween 2011, a Pictorial Recap

In keeping with my stance on not spending any money on Halloween costumes, I tried to think of something for this Halloween using things we already had.  It is a bonus when I can work everyone's costume around a theme.  This might be my favorite year so far, although I am still hoping someday to dress the kids as The Jackson 5. 

Mind you, this could have been a lot more fun had we not been getting our tails kicked all season, most recently by Georgia, but luckily most Gator fans are not bandwagon fans.  And who can resist five cute kids dressed like this? (Yes, Lillian is the Gator mascot but she wanted to be Alberta so she wore her Gator cheerleading outfit over the alligator costume.  Clever!) :)  Caleb's football costume was handmade my our neighbor Christy and the best part of all was that Scott was able to get it autographed by Danny Wuerfell this past weekend in Jacksonville.

We started off at a local church Trunk or Treat, stopped by Austin's mom's house, visited some friends of Scott's, went to Mima and Papa's, and then finished the night seeing some of our neighbors.  What a whirlwind!  I told the kids at the end of the night that in no way would I be responsible when all their Twix bars disappeared.  Luckily they had no idea what I meant by it.

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