Ella Turns 6

Another birthday in the house and another celebration spanning over several days! Ella had her 6th birthday on Tuesday and since it was Thanksgiving break we decided to have her party on her actual birthday.

The festivities started the night before with an early birthday dinner at Bob Evans. The next morning she woke up and opened her presents from us (Twinkle Toes and a Justin Bieber t-shirt) and Uncle Austin (a La La Loopsy doll), and then we all met Grandaddy at The Brunch Box for breakfast. Jackson went with Grandaddy and I dropped Lillian and Caleb off at a friend of mine's house, where we also picked up her daughter to ride with us to Picassoz Cup, a paint-your-own pottery place where Ella wanted to have her party. She had a princess theme and all the girls had a blast painting princesses, castles, tiaras, and other theme-related pieces. We had lunch across the street at Crisper's with several of her friends from the party, and then Christina came with me to take a few to the nail place close by to get their nails painted for only $3! What a day!


Gator tutu set from Aunt Karen
 A few days later when all of our family was in town for Thanksgiving, we had a sugar cookie cake from Sams (Justin Bieber by her choice - I was so not ready for that).

Oh Ella, where have the last 6 years gone?  You are growing into such a sweet, responsible little lady, even though you are our pickiest eater and you somehow make it into our bed every single night without either one of us realizing it.  :)  You are an amazing helper to your momma, you love your siblings so much and you are the best back-scratcher in the family (don't tell your daddy I said that). 

You are excelling in your schoolwork with 1st grade math curriculum and already have amazing reading skills.  I can see a very creative side to you when you are working on arts and crafts projects, and you love to help Mommy decorate for the holidays or set up for parties and dinners here.  Your quiet spirit and willingness to do what you are supposed to are definitely very much appreciated among the chaos!  My only wish is that you could somehow convince your siblings to sleep in as late as you do!  Let's work on that, okay?  :)  We love you so much, Ella Bella.  Happy Birthday to you!

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christy said...

That hat is so cute on Ella!!!