Will we ever finish?

A couple of weeks ago, I saw water dripping from this part of our ceiling in the laundry room/nursery/chalk room/closet area off our bedroom.  There had been a ton of rain for a few days prior, but we have never had an issue with a leaky roof before, so something needed to be done. 
When we bought our house five years ago, Scott and a group of guys re-roofed the main part of the house but decided to wait to do the laundry room (I don't remember why). Luckily we still had shingles left over so it wasn't a huge financial burden to finish the job! Scott, along with some neighbors, spent the whole day Tuesday working on it. It was hot, but luckily a little cooler than it has been lately. At the same time, Grandaddy was prepping our soil to plant the fall garden! Normally the kids and I would have been out there helping him, but with all the roofing nails in the yard it didn't seem like a good idea. We will definitely help with the actual planting. Last weekend we spent some time weeding the garden and digging grass out where we are extending it.

Unfortunately all that banging on the roof stirred up the animal life and we have had another unwelcome visitor in our house the last two nights.  It seems like that always happens when a project gets worked on! We have set out traps and such but have had no success catching it (yet).  They seem to be getting gutsier - it has come out to greet us with all the lights and tv on.  The first night we saw it I scooped Noah up off the couch where we were playing and made a hasty exit to our neighbor's house for a little while.  I'm sure it was still in the house somewhere when we came home, but at least I couldn't see it.  

Maybe we should let things settle inside and make our next project an outdoor one.  :)

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