Wedding Whirlwind

Saturday was my friend Karen's wedding.  I went over to Orlando on Thursday night for a big family celebration at her parents' house, which involved lots of yummy food, dancing and music.  Noah enjoyed the festivities with me, although he wasn't too excited when the drums came out!  He and I stayed in our hotel room together and snuggled all night. 

I woke up the next morning with a food hangover from all the carbs I ate the night before - I had a ridiculous amount of roti!  I plugged through to make it to our 10 AM mani/pedi appointment (after enjoying free breakfast at the hotel with some of Karen's family who also stayed at the same hotel).  I love having pretty toenails and fingernails, and Karen's mom was very kind and generous to finance the whole thing for Karen, her sister and me.  What a treat!

We drove back to her parents' house to help with some last minute wedding preparations and get ready for the rehearsal.  Scott met us at the church so I could get Lillian and he entertained the kids at Toys R Us while we practiced.  We all met up at Mimi's Cafe for the rehearsal dinner and enjoyed a delicious meal together.  Back at the hotel room we unloaded all of our bags (so much stuff just for one night) and got all the kids bathed and in their jammies.  I encouraged Scott to join the groom and groomsmen for a drink and movie while I stayed back to rest up for the big day Saturday, and make sure the kids (especially Lillian) did the same.  Lights were out by 8:30 and everyone was asleep by 9, even sharing beds!  I was pleasantly surprised how well they did.  Caleb and Ella were sharing a bed, Lillian was on a cot and Jackson was stretched out on the chair/ottoman.  Scott and I slept with Noah in the other bed since there was no more room for a crib or pack n play.

I was in the lobby right at 7 the next morning with Caleb, Ella and Jackson who were so excited about the free breakfast.  They would have been there even earlier if it had been open!  We enjoyed our meal together and then went back upstairs so I could bring Lillian down to eat.  Scott was on baby duty :)

Lillian, Noah and I left by 9:15 to head to the church.  We ran into Karen in the lobby and she rode with us.  Scott had to get all the other kids (and himself) dressed for the wedding and out of our room by the noon check-out time.  While Lillian and I were getting prettied up in the bridal room, he was tailgating in the church parking lot with Caleb, Ella and Jackson.  I took Noah to him once it was time for pictures before the ceremony.  

The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was so much fun!  Scott left early with the youngest 2 and the rest stayed with me and danced their fannies off the whole night!  We had such a blast and I loved getting that special time just with them.  We were back home by 11 PM.

I will have to post pictures later.  I took a ton, but unfortunately it was with Tricia's camera and I don't have copies of them yet.  Here are the few I have, more to follow!

Lillian's thank-you gift from Aunt Karen - a Gator tutu set!

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