Lake Mirror Tour

Today we walked to Lake Mirror and Hollis Gardens for a guided tour of both.  Our group split in half to make the size more manageable.  It was so neat hearing about the history of Lake Mirror and downtown Lakeland, especially since I didn't grow up here.  Once a month on a Tuesday night, they conduct the tour by lantern light.  I am looking forward to doing that sometime - we didn't quite make it for the duration of the tour.  Jackson and Noah got a little cranky about halfway through which surprised me since we were outside, but I walked away from everyone and took them to nearby Barnett Park so they weren't such a distraction.  The older kids were ready to be done after the first half of the tour, so none of us got to learn more about Hollis Gardens.  Maybe next time!  We enjoyed a picnic lunch together and lots of playtime on the playgrounds, then a fun walk home before naps.

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