Good, Bad

The good news is, last night I tried on the bridesmaid dress I will be wearing in a few weeks and it fit (barely)!  The bad news is, I still have to wait a few more weeks to enjoy this yumminess:

(photo by Caleb)

There is a new booth at the downtown Farmer's Market that is selling beignets and chicory coffee!!  They fry your order fresh as you ask for it and give them to you smothered in powdered sugar in a cute paper bag with a fleur de lis stamped on the front of it.  I love little details like that, I guess it's the party planning nerd in me :)

I read about it online and we hadn't gone to the Farmer's Market in forever, so we went yesterday and had a blast.  My kids ate beignets, kettle corn and home-baked triple chocolate cookies for lunch, shhhh!  It had been kind of a rough week so we needed to do something fun together, even if it meant postponing school for the morning.  Today we are playing catch-up - another reason I love our 4-day curriculum.  Too bad we weren't studying New Orleans this week!  

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