Trip Pics

These are long overdue, I know! It has been crazy around here this week with me attempting to get us all prepared for school. I am trying really hard to be more prepared this year and not fly by the seat of my pants like I did last year. That really isn't my nature and I'm not very good at it! Don't get me wrong, we had a great year and Caleb learned a TON, but with a newborn in the mix and a new kindergartner, I will definitely need to be as organized as possible. I also hope to be more intentional with my activities for Lillian and Jackson. Lillian is telling me now that she doesn't want to homeschool for Kindergarten so I have 2 years to make her enjoy learning at home and hopefully change her mind! :)

Here are some pictures my mom e-mailed me from their escapades in Daytona. I think it is safe to say Caleb had a blast, hopefully they did, too! :) One thing I didn't have a picture of yet is their trek to the top of the lighthouse, but he does have a souvenir t-shirt from it. Every time I looked at a picture she had sent, I felt like Caleb looked so much older!

We met halfway on Sunday to fetch him and worked in a trip to IKEA while we were in Orlando. I had asked the kids what they wanted to do our last couple of weeks before we started school and both girls wanted to go play in the playplace there. So we all visited over lunch in the cafe, which happened to have free kids meals that day... no minimum purchase, no limit on how many you could get! After the kids played and we shopped for a bit, Scott and I joked about taking them back there for a free dinner! But then Caleb asked if we could have a family dinner out somewhere to celebrate him coming home (that's my boy - any excuse to eat out!) and he wanted to eat at Bob Evans. Uncle Austin and Grandaddy met us at the Bob Evans in north Lakeland as we were getting back to town and we enjoyed a yummy dinner together. Their kids meals are super cheap and all my kids wanted breakfast, so we got to bring their leftovers home and finish them up the next morning.

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Ella said...

i thought the same thing looking at these pictures...he does look a lot older! so glad he had such a great time!