Picture Time!

Today we had our first photo shoot as a family of 7. Our neighbor Greg snapped a few shots of us down by Lake Mirror in front of some pillars that I L-O-V-E. Yes I realize that the middle of summer may not be the best time to take outdoor shots in Florida and it figures that today is the first time in weeks that it hasn't been overcast in the late afternoon, but I like natural lighting.

Here are a few of my favorites, unedited for now because I wanted to get them posted and don't know when I may have time to mess around in Photoshop.

Photo Credit: Greg Allen


japm1944 said...

Love the pics!! Mima and Papa

These Three Kings said...


Ella said...

love, love, love these!!! especially the feet pic! too cute! i'm always trying to come up with creative pics of the boys...but i may have to steal this one! :)