No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Last night we had our second head injury and third trip for emergency medical care. Jackson was wrestling with Caleb and his sisters on our bed and decided to jump on Ella. Unfortunately, he landed on the footboard instead of his sister and ended up with a nasty gash by his eye. I walked in from working out at the gym right as it was all happening. We knew it wasn't as deep as the cut Caleb had on his forehead when he got stitches, but it still looked pretty bad.

Luckily we didn't have to go to the Emergency Room, but to Nite Owl Pediatrics instead. We only waited a short time to see the doctor and he ended up using Dermabond, not stitching it. Jackson sat perfectly still - I was amazed at how well he did. He picked a chocolate milkshake for his treat afterward. We are so thankful he didn't hit any closer to his eye!

Last night soon after it happened

Today in better light (with chocolate animal cracker crumbs on his mouth)

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These Three Kings said...

Oh my word! I am so glad he is okay! I am sure you are use to that having boys, I would have been so dramatic! lol

He is very precious by the way :)