Looking on the Bright Side

Our air broke yesterday morning. I already had plans to go to the mall to pick up some pictures of Noah at JC Penney so fortunately we were out of the house a good part of the day. We didn't want to pay for an "emergency" visit from the AC company, but they told us they would try to work us in sometime yesterday, which they didn't. After my very sweaty children got up from their rest time, I threw them in the tub so they could cool off some (and because they needed baths).

Scott came home from work after a while, we ate dinner and then we started realizing just how miserable it was in the house. The kids were having a blast running around and playing hide and seek while Scott and I were trying to get some relief on the front porch. Yes, it was cooler outside in the triple digit Florida heat than it was in our house.

Unfortunately when we bought our money pit, I mean house, we didn't think through the fact that there are no screens on any of the windows. How did I not notice that?!? So opening the windows was out of the question. We thought about staying at my dad's but it is such an ordeal getting clothes and toothbrushes and blankies and stuffed animals together for all the kids. So we decided to tough it out.

I went to the gym to work out (and cool off) and Scott settled down to watch a movie he had rented. I came home to all the kids sleeping (or maybe just delirious from the heat). After a while I told Scott to just go to my dad's and sleep there. There was no sense in both of us being miserable! He left at about 11 and no lie, all the kids but Caleb woke up within 20 minutes of him leaving. The baby was screaming and keeping everyone awake so I texted Scott and told him we were coming there. So at almost midnight we all loaded up in the van and joined Scott. What an adventure!

The service tech came first thing this morning and fixed the problem (and also found some major unrelated damage that will need to be repaired from some rodent or varmint who has been making its home in our attic) so I am typing this in my wonderfully air-conditioned kitchen, hoping that the AC fares better than our dishwasher did after getting discovered by the rodent-of-the-month (it still isn't working right). And since my husband was holding Noah on the porch last night, I was able to get these sweet pictures. Normally I am the one on the front porch with the kids, at least in the summer. So at least something good came out of such misery!

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