Just Me and the Girls (and Noah)

This weekend was full of girl time! Friday afternoon Tricia came over for the two of us (and Noah) to visit the bridal shop where our friend Karen was having her final dress fitting. We tried on several bridesmaids dresses and picked which one we all liked best, then afterward her mom treated us to dinner at The Elephant Bar. I ordered my dress a size smaller than my fitting, now I have no choice but to lose those last few baby pounds! I have three months...

On Saturday I invited myself along to The Cheesecake Factory where Tricia was meeting her family for lunch and I decided to take the girls with me. Mima and Madisyn also came along. Scott took Jackson and Caleb to see the new Pooh movie while we ate and window shopped at Millenia Mall. I had a side salad and very large slice of low-carb cheesecake for lunch - my kind of meal!

The girls went with Scott earlier that morning for Ella to get a haircut, and the hairdresser gave both of them a cute braid!

Lillian, Evan, Ella and Sarah Jane


japm1944 said...

Such cute pics, and a fun time we had.Mima

Ella said...

fun!! and i love the girls' hair!!