This is My Life :)

This morning I was in the kitchen finally making my breakfast at 10:30. Lillian called me in the bathroom to help her wipe her bottom and when I got in there I saw this:

There is a down side to potty training a young (and oh so mischievous) toddler named Jackson - you have to leave the bathroom door open all the time and risk messes like this! I finished with Lillian and rushed back in the kitchen to retrieve my burning bagel thins from under the broiler and hear Lillian calling to me that "something is wrong with the potty". When I went back in there, she had put ALL the unrolled toilet paper in the toilet bowl to help clean up the mess and it wouldn't flush. The worse part was, Jackson had already been in there to go pee in the meantime. Lovely!

I knew in the back of my mind I would probably have to fish all the paper out, but I think I was in denial so I called Scott to see what I should do. He asked me first if I wanted him to come home and do it and while that was very tempting, it seemed a little ridiculous for me to be that helpless. So I did what I needed to do to get the toilet working again... unbeknownst to me, Lillian hadn't flushed before she put all the paper in so I found a little present underneath it all. Scott told me it was like Christmas in June. Ick! Luckily the baby was asleep throughout the whole ordeal. We are now down one roll of toilet paper and one soiled kitchen spoon :)

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