Traveling Back in Time

We visited Cracker Country at the State Fairgrounds today. It was the first time for all of us and thank goodness I brought Grandaddy for backup. It is definitely designed more for older children... not that Jackson didn't enjoy it, he just spent lots of time exploring on his own with one of us since he wasn't having any part of a structured, guided tour. I am pretty sure the tour guides are more accustomed to school-aged children that they encounter on field trips so our huge homeschool group with kids of all ages seemed to stress them out a little at times.

From their website: Cracker Country is a rural Florida living history museum located on the Florida State Fairgrounds. It was founded with the purpose of preserving Florida's rural heritage. The museum recreates an 1890s rural Florida town. Its collection of 13 original buildings dating back from 1870-1912 were relocated from across the state of Florida beginning in 1978 when Cracker Country was established by Mr. and Mrs. Doyle E. Carlton, Jr. Today, the historically furnished buildings recreate the lifestyles of the past, and costumed interpreters portray daily living as Florida pioneers and share the stories of early Floridians' experiences. Guests are invited to visit Cracker Country to re-live and preserve Florida's rural heritage!

I love the simplicity and togetherness of life back then (or at least how they portray it). Although I suppose I would have to get over my refusal to iron if I was a pioneer wife and mom. I sure would have loved all the outdoor time and no TV (for myself and the kiddos)! It was a great tour - very hands-on and interactive. I was impressed that they let every single kid (and adult if they wanted to) participate in all the activities instead of trying to rush everyone through.

Helping the blacksmith

Learning how to churn butter

Making candles

Twisting twine into rope

Laundry day!

Pumping water from the well

Watering the garden (we've had some practice at this)

Feeding grass to the chickens

One-room schoolhouse



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this looks like so much fun!!