Our Big 2 Year-Old

Two years ago today, we met the 6th member of our family for the first time...

And, in what seems like the blink of an eye, two years have passed already!

Today we celebrated Jackson's 2nd birthday with a party after church at Lake Bonny Park... Publix fried chicken and lots of yummy sides with a sugar cookie Elmo cake and whipped topping. I didn't even know those existed but Sam's didn't let us down, as usual!

Uncle Mark brought a bunch of baseball gear so all the kids and dads got to play baseball for quite a while. An added bonus, Jackson was contained on the ball field so I got to sit down instead of chasing him out of the parking lot and road, which is what I usually have to do at that park :)

Jackson and his Daddy in their Sesame Street shirts (the one Jackson is wearing belonged to Scott when he was a kid)

Happy, happy birthday sweet boy. Even though you are a rambunctious and mischievous little man, I wouldn't trade all the broken glass, messes, food on the floor and toys flying through the air for anything in the world. Someday when you are older, I will miss running through 4 or 5 Jackson-induced disasters to address whatever mess you are currently involving yourself in.

I am sad when you go to bed at night because it means I won't get one of your amazing hugs until the next morning. You have such a sweet spirit and I love that you love your momma so much. It's so fun to hear you talk ALL the time, narrating everything you see going on around you, and I love it when you bump into something or fall down and promptly announce "I'm okay Mommy." It is precious to see you pray with your siblings and me during Bible time every morning - you close your eyes so tight and fold your hands and have recently started saying your own version of a prayer - usually something like "pay deesus amen" (pray, Jesus, amen).

During worship time at church you will wrap your little arms so tightly around my neck and just keep kissing me on the cheek while we are singing. You are so enamored by my belly and constantly talk about the baby inside. I hope you enjoy having a younger sibling as much as your brother and sisters have enjoyed you.

When Mommy and Daddy joke about not having any more kids if you had been our first, we really don't mean it. You have brought a whole new dynamic into our family and we can't imagine how boring and quiet it would be without your shenanigans spicing things up. We love you so much and are blessed that God chose to give you to us.

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Ella said...

happy birthday, little man!! we love you and wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!